Amigurumi Patterns

Free amigurumi patterns that you can customize.

Customize an amigurumi pattern with Amigurumio! Choose your favorite crochet amigurumi pattern to get the complete pattern, or you can choose to customize the pattern and change the amigurumi pieces, layout and colors. All free amigurumi patterns are professionally designed and the PDFs include easy-to-follow instructions.  

  1. Select an animal to customize
  2. Personalize the amigurumi pattern
  3. Download the PDF crochet pattern

If you can’t find an animal amigurumi pattern to customize, you can start your own design. Create your own small amigurumi patterns!

Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Get the full amigurumi pattern for these creatures! You can also customize all the amigurumi crochet patterns to create the perfect animal. Get started on your next projects with a free amigurumi crochet patterns!

Small Amigurumi Patterns

The small amigurumi patterns are free and help you make the cutest crochet animals! You can even customize your tiny amigurumi patterns for free.

Download a PDF

Download easy amigurumi patterns for free with Amigurumio. All PDFs include the complete instructions – even your customized amigurumi crochet patterns!

Floaty Flamingo Amigurumi Pattern

Not enough time to design your own pattern?

Download a premium amigurumi pattern for free.

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Cute Amigurumi Patterns (Free!)

Get professionally designed amigurumi patterns to jumpstart your next project! All amigurumi crochet patterns from Amigurumio are easy to follow and use mathematics to guarantee cuteness!

New amigurumi patterns are added regularly, so you can always find an exciting new crochet project with Amigurumio. Get started today by exploring our amigurumi patterns.

Personalize Amigurumi Patterns

Change all amigurumi crochet patterns to match your vision. You can choose different amigurumi crochet pieces, adjust their layout and change the colors.

After you’re done customizing the animal, you can download the amigurumi pattern as a PDF to turn the design into a real-life crochet animal! Choose a premium amigurumi pattern PDF to get images and a crochet guide.

Create Your Own Amigurumi Pattern

With Amigurumio, you can customize any amigurumi pattern template with different pieces or colors. Or you can create an entirely unique crochet amigurumi pattern with the amigurumi pattern generator. No matter the animal you want to create, it is possible to make any amigurumi crochet pattern!

After you design your crochet amigurumi pattern, you can download the complete instructions.