How to Make Amigurumi Patterns

Step-by-step guide to making your own amigurumi patterns with Amigurumio.

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Design Your Own Crochet Patterns

Amigurumio is the easiest way to make your own amigurumi patterns. Using the drag-and-drop builder, anyone can create and customize an animal crochet pattern and then download the PDF. 

If you’re looking into how to make your own crochet amigurumi pattern, get started with our guide! Then customize your own amigurumi pattern.

How to Make an Amigurumi Pattern (2 Options!)

There are two ways to make an amigurumi crochet pattern with Amigurumio. No matter if you’re a crochet expert or never crocheted before, you can customize and create an amigurumi pattern in minutes.

1. Start a New Pattern

You can create a new crochet animal pattern with Amigurumio. Start a new pattern and choose the pieces and colors. You can make any creature or animal with the Amigurumi pattern maker!

2. Customize an Existing Pattern

Another way to make an amigurumi pattern is to customize an existing Amigurumio pattern. After you select the animal, you can launch Amigurumio to move pieces around and change the colors. Turn an orange cat into a grey cat! Or update the crochet pieces to match your vision for your custom amigurumi pattern.

How to Make Your Own Amigurumi Pattern

Follow this guide to learn how to make amigurumi patterns with Amigurumio. If you have any questions, see our help articles or send us a message. We’re happy to show you how to make your own crochet amigurumi pattern.

  1. Start a new pattern (or choose an amigurumi pattern to customize)
  2. Add crochet pieces from the piece library
  3. Move and rotate crochet pieces
  4. Change the color of the crochet pieces
  5. Download your PDF pattern

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Screenshot of changing colors in Amigurumio

1. Start a New Crochet Pattern

You can either start a new crochet pattern or update an existing amigurumi pattern. No matter the option you choose, you’ll have complete creative freedom to change pieces, layouts and colors.

Click “Get Started” to start designing a custom crochet pattern. You can use Amigurumio on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Screenshot of changing colors in Amigurumio

2. Add Crochet Pieces

The first step to making an amigurumi pattern is selecting the crochet pieces you want to use. Choose from a range of heads, ears, bodies, arms, legs and tails. All amigurumi pieces are professionally designed and can be mix-and-matched.

Click on the crochet pieces you want to use. You will then be able to move and rotate the pieces, in addition to changing their color. 

Screenshot of changing colors in Amigurumio

3. Move and Rotate Crochet Pieces

Move your crochet pieces around to create the perfect amigurumi pattern. You can also rotate pieces to align them to the design. Drag pieces to rotate them and click on the rotate icon to rotate the amigurumi pieces.

To make it easier selecting the pieces you want to move, click on the layer in the list in the bottom right (or click on the layer button to bring up the list of pieces).

Screenshot of changing colors in Amigurumio

4. Change the Colors

Amigurumio lets you change the color of pieces. With over 20 common yarn colors, you can make an amigurumi pattern that matches any animal, pet or imaginary creature. To change the colour of an amigurumi pieces, simply click on a piece and select the color menu.

Some crochet pieces have two colors. Use the two color menus to select the pieces of your amigurumi pieces.

Screenshot of changing colors in Amigurumio

5. Download the Pattern PDF

After you have designed an amigurumi pattern, you can download the complete crochet instructions. Click on the download button and select either a free pattern or a premium PDF pattern. The free pattern includes the full instructions, and the PDF pattern also has images and a crochet amigurumi guide.

You will recieve your pattern PDF in your email inbox. If you have any issues designing a crochet pattern, explore the help articles or send us a message.

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