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Make your own crochet animal pattern.

Customize Amigurumi Patterns

Amigurumio is an online tool to design your own crochet animal patterns. You can choose the pieces, customize the layout and change the colors. Then download the pattern to get the complete instructions to crochet your own animal.

Explore the amigurumi patterns and customize their colors. Or start your own custom crochet pattern today.

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Select Your Pieces

Choose the animal pieces – including head, ears, bodies, arms, legs and tails. 

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Change the Layout

Adjust the layout to create a personalized design for a crochet animal.

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Choose the Colors

Change the colors of all your pieces. There are 20 colors available!

Download the Pattern

When you are finished designing your pattern, you can download a PDF with all the crochet instructions. Choose between a free or premium pattern.

If you select a free pattern, you can always return to download the premium pattern!

Free Pattern PDF

Complete Pattern
Crochet Techniques

Premium Pattern PDF

Complete Pattern
Crochet Techniques

About the Creators

Amigurumio was made to let anyone design their own crochet animal. It was created by Phillip Ha and Jeff Wiehler.

Phillip Ha is an amigurumi artist and high school teacher. He designs all the crochet pieces and perfects the patterns. Follow his latest designs at @sirpurlgrey.

Jeff Wiehler is a designer and writer. He designed the website and keeps Amigurumio running with new features. See more about him on LinkedIn.

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Become a Pattern Tester

Become a Pattern Tester

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Floaty Flamingo Amigurumi Pattern

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