How to Amigurumi Crochet

Crochet basics and how to crochet amigurumi animals for beginners. 

Amigurumi Tutorial

Learn the basics of amigurumi! See how to amigurumi with tips and tricks from amigurumi designers. 

Amigurumi Tutorial Coming Soon!

Need a Crochet Pattern?

See how to design and download a crochet amigurumi pattern with Amigurumio. You can add crochet pieces, change the colors and download a PDF with the complete instructions.

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How to Make Amigurumi Patterns

Learn how to create your own animal crochet pattern with Amigurumio.

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Downloading Your Pattern

How to download a PDF of your crochet pattern from Amigurumio.


Free vs Premium PDFs

The difference between free PDF patterns and premium PDF patterns.

Floaty Flamingo Amigurumi Pattern

Not enough time to design your own pattern?

Download a premium amigurumi pattern for free.

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