Dragon Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

A crochet dragon pattern that you can personalize.

Create a cute (but fierce!) amigurumi dragon with this crochet pattern. This crochet dragon pattern uses two colours, one for the main body and a secondary colour for the horns and inner wings. The sharp snout shape on the head is achieved by concentrating the increase stitches in one area rather than equally distributing them. For the belly, a felt colour that matches the secondary colour is used.

See the crochet dragon pattern below or customize your own dragon amigurumi pattern by changing up the main body and secondary colours. You can even swap out the limbs if your want them slightly larger or smaller. In the Amigurumio builder, you can preview the dragon amigurumi with your customizations and then generate a PDF pattern with all of your changes.

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About Dragon Crochet Heads

In this dragon amigurumi pattern we work on assembling the head, head spikes, and horns first. When crocheting the head, there is a round that instructs to place a marker (use a strand of yarn or stitch marker) in the middle of the round that will help determining where the safety eyes should be.

In the round where there is a colour change for the lower jaw, the stitches will be crocheted into the back loops only to create a line that looks like an upper lip.

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Dragon Amigurumi Pattern Tips

The majority of the pieces that make up the dragon amigurumi are crocheted in rounds but the wings are crocheting in rows.

When crocheting the wings, there is one step that requires crocheting along a chain from right to left as a row. To create a nice edge on the first row, you will crochet into a specific part of the chain.

Instead of inserting your hook into the front of the chain (the side with the sideways “V” shapes), flip the chain over and crochet by inserting the hook into the raised bumps along the back of the chain.

Customize the Dragon Crochet Pattern

In the Amigurumio builder you’ll find small, medium and large size for a variety of heads, bodies and limbs. This dragon amigurumi pattern uses the medium versions of the pieces found in Amigurumio. You can customize your dragon by changing up the sizes the arms or feet, or altering the main body and secondary colours in the Amigurumio builder. You will then be able to download a PDF pattern for your crochet dragon.

  • Change the colors
  • Use different pieces
  • Download a free PDF

Customize your dragon amigurumi pattern with Amigurumio by clicking the button below.

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Dragon Amigurumi Pattern

This dragon amigurumi pattern example uses teal yarn for the main body colour and cream yarn for the wings and horns. I suggest using medium/worsted weight yarn and when worked with a 4.0 mm hook, the dragon should be approximately 7 inches tall. The safety eyes used are 10.0 mm and I purchased mine from Amazon.

If you are still new to amigurumi or need a reminder on how to make a magic ring, watch the video below to see my preferred method.






Materials and Yarn for Dragon Amigurumi Pattern

Yarn Color

  • Teal (T)
  • Cream (C)


  • Medium/worsted weight yarn
  • 4.0 mm hook
  • Scissors, yarn needle
  • Stitch marker
  • Polyester fibrefill
  • Two 10.0 mm safety eyes
  • Cream coloured felt


When assembling the head spikes onto the head, position spike A at an angle between R4 and R6, position spike B vertically between R6 and R10, and position spike C at an angle between R10 and R12.

The horns are positioned between R4 and R5.


When sewing the thighs to the body, position each thigh between R3 and R8 of the body.

For the tail, position the tail between R2 and R10 of the body.

Sew the feet on the front sides of the thighs so that the dragon is in a sitting position.


To assemble the wings, place a colour B wing on top of a colour A wing. Then use the yarn tail from the colour B wing to sew the edges of the wings together.

Sew the arms and wings to the body as shown.

Cut out the belly shape out of felt with the template below. You can glue or needlefelt the belly to the body.


Customize a Dragon Crochet Pattern

If you would like to change the colours of this dragon amigurumi pattern or change the sizes of the limbs, you can customize this pattern using Amigurumio. You will be able to alter the colour of each body part and generate a PDF crochet dragon pattern that includes all of your customizations.

Change the Colours

Select the yarn colours for every piece to change the colours of the amigurumi dragon pattern.

Change the Pieces

Try a different arm or foot sizes for your dragon amigurumi.

Download a PDF

Generate a PDF with the instructions and your customized dragon amigurumi pattern.


  1. Commeno veo el patrón para comenzar hacer este hermoso Dragón.

  2. The pattern is not free if I have to pay for the “premium” dragon head

  3. This is not free… the body and the head pattern are premium and that’s basically half of the work


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