Crochet Pattern Maker

Amigurumio is a crochet pattern creator that lets you create and customize amigurumi patterns.

Create Your Own Crochet Pattern

Use the free crochet pattern maker to customize a pattern or design your own. Amigurumio is the easiest way to create your own crochet pattern.

After you use the crochet pattern creator to design an anigurumi animal, you can download a PDF with the complete instructions. Then it’s up to you to turn the pattern into real life!

Customize a Crochet Pattern

Use the free crochet pattern maker to update any of the existing amigurumi patterns. You can change the pieces, adjust the layout and even customize the colors. Simply drag and drop to build your personalized design.

When you’re done, the crochet pattern maker software will create a PDF that you can download.

Start a New Pattern

Amigurumio lets you create your own crochet pattern of any animal or create – real or imaginary! Start by selecting the amigurumi pieces you want to use, then move them around to build your animal.

Even if you’ve never crocheted before, Amigurumio will help you create amigurumi crochet patterns.Β 

How Amigurumio Works

Amigurumio is a crochet pattern generator and online tool that helps you create cute, proportional and personalized patterns for crochet animals.

  • Use on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Save and return to your design at any time
  • Download the PDF pattern

Anyone can use Amigurumio to design a creature, and then you’ll receive a pattern in your inbox! You can easily create a custom pattern for anyone you know that loves to crochet! Make gifts for crocheters using the crochet pattern generator.Β 

Select Your Pieces

Choose the animal pieces – including head, ears, bodies, arms, legs and tails. All pieces are professionally designed and proportional.

New pieces are added regularly, so the options for crochet animals are endless.


Screenshot of Amigurumio

Change the Layout

Adjust the layout to create a personalized design for a crochet animal. Rotate your pieces or move them around!

You can create a wide variety of animals – both real and imaginary.

Screenshot of changing colors in Amigurumio

Choose the Colors

Change the colors of all your pieces to match your pet or favorite animal. There are 20 colors available!

Your PDF pattern will show the colors that you selected.Β 

Screenshot of changing colors in Amigurumio

Download a PDF

Amigurumio will create a pattern and send the PDF to your email. You can download the full pattern for free, or buy a premium pattern for images and color.

See the difference between free and premium PDF patterns.

Create Your Own Crochet Pattern

You can create your own crochet pattern from anywhere! Amigurumio is an online crochet pattern maker software that is made by crocheters – for crocheters.

Design Patterns for Free

From your favorite animal to any imaginary creature, you can create your own crochet pattern for free.Β 

Download PDF Patterns

The crochet pattern maker will generate a PDF of your pattern that you can print or use on your phone.

New Pieces Added Regularly

New crochet pieces and shapes are routinely added to the Amigurumio crochet pattern maker.

Use on Any Device

Use the crochet pattern maker software on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Get Help

We’re available to help with any questions you have about using the online crochet pattern maker.

Start by Customizing a Pattern

The easiest way to start using the crochet pattern maker is by customizing an existing pattern. Choose an amigurumi patternΒ and change its pieces, layout and colors.

Floaty Flamingo Amigurumi Pattern

Not enough time to design your own pattern?

Download a premium amigurumi pattern for free.

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