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What is Amigurumio?

Amigurumio is an online amigurumi pattern generator that lets you create your own crochet animal patterns. You can also customize the existing amigurumi patterns to quickly create a PDF pattern.

What is amigurumi?

Amigurumi is a Japanese word that means crocheted (or knitted) doll. It describes the craft of creating adorable people, animals or creatures using yarn.

Do I need an account to use Amigurumio?

No! It is free to use Amigurumio and you don’t need an account.

You will need to share your email address with Amigurumio if you want to download a free or premium PDF pattern. Then we know where to send your pattern!

How much are the PDF patterns?

It is free to use the crochet pattern maker to make your own designs. When your design is finished, you can download a PDF pattern for free. You can upgrade to a premium pattern, which includes images and a crochet amigurumi guide.

Do I need to know how to crochet?

Amigurumio can be used by all skill levels – even if you never crocheted before! It is a popular choice to make custom patterns and gifts for crocheters

How do I make an amigurumi pattern?

If you need help creating your own pattern, follow our guide: how to make amigurumi patterns. 

How do I crochet amigurumi?

If you need help crochet amigurumi, follow our guide: how to amigurumi crochet

What if I need help?

See our support center to find articles and information about the crochet pattern generator or about making amigurumi. 


Learn how to use Amigurumio to create your own custom crochet patterns.


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How to Make Amigurumi Patterns

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Free vs Premium PDFs

The difference between free PDF patterns and premium PDF patterns. 

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Not enough time to design your own pattern?

Download a premium amigurumi pattern for free.

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