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Last updated Aug 31, 2021

Your Amigurumio pattern will be sent to your email, so it is important to us that you receive your emails. If you are expecting an email from Amigurumio and did not receive it, no worries! We can check our logs and make sure you get what you were expecting.

Here is what to do if you didn’t receive your email.

1. Check Your Spam Folder

Your email may have been filtered into your spam (or junk) folder. Please check to see if your email was sent to your spam folder.

If it was sent to your spam folder, you can minimize the chance that future emails will be sent to your spam folder by:

  1. Marking the message as “Not Spam”
  2. Adding to your known sender list

After following these steps you still receive emails from Amigurumio to your spam, please send us a message.

2. Contact Support

We can check the logs and see why you didn’t receive your email. Contact support and send us the details of the email you were expecting.


  1. I didn’t receive my pattern, I tried re-doing it again and the second hasn’t been sent to me either. You could check your logs and send me the pattern that would be most appreciated.

    Thank you, best regards.

  2. My Pattern was not sent to my email and I was wondering why


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